The Astric Dry-Bed

The Astric Dry-Bed is the original and best bedwetting alarm available. It is a training device that works on the principle of classical conditioning. The Astric Dry-Bed has successfully cured in excess of 100,000 children.

The Astric Dry-Bed cures 90% of cases within 8 weeks. Many children are cured substantially quicker than this. We are so confident in this product that we provide a ‘no quibble’ 14 day money back guarantee. No other company does this.
The Astric Dry-Bed comes ready to use, complete with user manual, progress chart, batteries and access to our customer support team. To make things even easier, a complete set of videos showing how to use the Astric Dry-Bed is available on our website, ensuring you get the most from your purchase.

Our bedside alarm is simple to use and provides a completely normal sleeping experience, with nothing attached to the child and no wires near the child that can cause concern. Our detector pad is the most comfortable pad on the market and is quiet unlike all other detector pads. This is why the Astric Dry-Bed comes so highly recommended.